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Creation of websites for
Travel agency

and Tour Operator

We design and develop websites for travel agency and websites for tour operators.
You can compare yourself on the phone directly with our consultants to define together the graphic aspects of the layout, the contents to be inserted and the types of customizations to be made to your new website.

We will identify together the target of customers and the ultimate goal of your new website to better define the metatags and keywords that will determine the correct positioning of the site on search engines ( SEO ). We will also provide the customization of the URL of the pages, we will enter the Rich-Snipper data, we will send the Sitemap to Google Search Console, following the activation of the Google account, and we will register the website on Google Analytics to access statistics.

Furthermore, training on the phone is included, with one of our experts, who will explain how to best use the management and travel structures management software and related booking engines for receiving reservations.

Website creation for travel agencies and tour operators


A website is responsive when it automatically adapts to the device that the user is using, Whether it's a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. This means that the images, texts and all the other contents of the website move and change their size according to the screen resolution.

The advantages are many, some of these:
- graphic aspect automatically optimized on each device
- Excellent readability of content
- Excellent experience of user mobile navigation
- ease of use and usability of the website
- Best SEO therefore positioning on search engines, as Google favors websites Responsive optimized for mobile devices and penalizes websites with obsolete technologies

The vast majority of users use their smartphone to surf the web, so it is essential that our website is optimized, therefore perfectly usable by mobile devices.
The advantages translate into greater visibility of the website, less users who arrive on the site and abandon it because they are not visible or usable (rebound frequency), greater visits and return of customers.

self-managing responsive websites

SEO included

Website indexing

The correct indexing is essential in order to guarantee the presence on Google of the website and its contents.
It is essential that the programming code used is written in a manner correct, following the criteria required by Google and which is continuously updated.
We will also take care of the SEO to the website of the website, We will start a series of operations in order to guarantee its indexing.

  • Verification of the text content inserted
  • Activation of Google Analytics and Search Console accounts
  • Matatag insertion (keywords), URL modification and Rich Snippet data
  • Creation of the Sitemap and send to Google
  • Autonomous management of the SEO via CMS
  • Indicization verification on Google Analytics

Customizable website

Through a simple and intuitive editor, you can change the graphic aspect of the responsive website, Create new pages, insert new content such as images, Texts, videos, banners, form, your services and much more.

CMS (Management Panel)

Powerful CMS software (back-end) useful for managing the following content: accommodation facilities, travel/tour, booking engine, reservations, payments, quotes, events, news, notifications, registered users, reserved area, Admin Users (users who access CMS), documents and accounting, SEO management for website indexing, CMS options.

Booking engine

Gestional for Travel Agency
Gestional for Tour Operator

Professional software to manage the programming of accommodation facilities and travel/tour, in order to receive requests for info, quotes, reservations and online payments.

booking online software reservations tour operator
Main software functions
Reception reservations, quotes, requests info, booking options (B2B)
Receipt of deposits and online payments. Integrated payment methods: PayPal, Stripe, XPay Nexi, GestPay, hipay wallet, Redsys. Other payment methods to be integrated on request.
User Management B2C and B2B
Business user management with discounts and commissions (agencies, agents, etc.)
Supplier management
Bookings report, weekly summary, booking calendar, booking details, booking payment status (Customer / Supplier), function for sending confirmation of reservations to the supplier, management of deposits and balances, notes, attachments, sending emails to the end customer with booking summary or other information, sending payment request (s), sending vouchers
Accounting: invoice generation (ord./74 ter), credit note, bank statement
Discount codes
Discount codes reserved for registered users (Agents, Agencies, etc.)
Calendar display of reservations received
Planner reservations and availability
Statistics reports: reservations, quotes, turnover
VAT and tax management
Synchronization of reservations via Google iCAL technology (, Expedia, AiRBnB, etc.)
Calendar booking display synchronization (Google Calendar, iCalendar, etc.)
Booking options
Management of rooms, apartments, trips, tours, services, etc.
Price management per person, per day, per week, per period, per place and time
Management of periods, prices and extras
Reductions for adults / children (percentage / fixed cost)
Infant management in bed or without bed
Types of calendar searches (front end): daily, weekly, checkin / out dates, fixed dates (periods)
Search engine setting for bookings in one day or by period from / to
Setting minimum nights and / or maximum nights for a single period
Availability / allotment management
Sub allotment
Block availability and realease
Customizable discounts (early booking, long stay, fixed discounts, percentage, etc.)
Last minute with time limit calculation (days and hours)
Discounts reserved for registered users
Extra price offers
Extras (services, registration fees, extras to be paid locally, etc.)
ecommerce viaggi agenzie di viaggi

E-commerce (travels)

Sell your Trips / Tours / Services online via e-commerce cart, without using BOOKING. Useful for packages that do not require the calculation of the price through variables such as periods, reductions, extras or other, but which have fixed prices and few variable prices.

For example: Tour to the Colosseum (ROME) € 250.00, variable: adult € 250.00 - child € 100.00

E-commerce still allows the management of price variables (attributes), such as management date, adult price, child price and other customizable values based on the characteristics of the package.

QUOTES extra booking

Send personalized quotes to your customers.
You can create new quotes with customized quotas and send them directly from the CMS to the Customer, via email, WhatsApp notification or SMS.
You can indicate in the Estimate structures or trips already present in the CMS.
The customer who will receive the quote will be able to confirm it and proceed with the online payment.
Upon receipt of the quote and / or payment confirmation, you will be able to send the Voucher.

quotes from the website tour operators and travel agencies
area riservata utenti registrati sito agenzie viaggi e tour operator

RESERVED AREA registered users

Front end (website side)

- access to reserved contents of the website such as pages, accommodation facilities, travels, news, other
- display of reserved price lists and discounts
- use discount codes to access reserved rates

Back end

- restricted access to your user profile for viewing communications and files, orders, reservations, invoices, vouchers, account statements, quotes, pages with dedicated content, form and send attached files

Unlimited workstations

Unlimited number of ADMINs (website administrators and CMS).
Permission management for access to certain sections of the cms.
Super Admin account.

Tour Operator Travel Agency website
Site accounting for travel agencies and tour operators


Use the CMS to manage your accounting.
You can issue Ordinary and 74 TER Invoices, credit notes and account statements.
You can download the documents issued in PDF and send them by email via the CMS.
It is possible to generate XML code for exporting invoices in electronic.

Notifications e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS and Chat

Receive notifications from the website via email, WhatsApp and SMS.
Any activity carried out on the website, such as request for information, reservations, quotes or other generates a notification that the Admin receives and that is also displayed on the CMS.
The CMS includes a section dedicated to viewing all notifications received, read and unread.
The CMS can also generate notifications from the site to surfers or send sms.

The website includes a real-time chat for the exchange of messages between the navigator user and Admin.

notifications whatsapp sms website
versione mobile sito agenzie viaggi e tour operator

Responsive mobile version

We will take care of creating the mobile version of your new website.
The Mobile version is perfectly adaptable to all mobile devices.
From the Mobile version you can also access the CMS for content management, view notifications or reservations.

WEDDING LIST and event lists

Create your Wedding Lists and Event Lists.
You will be able to manage unlimited online lists, choosing whether to upload one or more products or services, with or without division into quotas or free participation quotas.
Create the access reserved for the newlyweds or other and guests.
The Bride and Groom will be able to monitor the status of the list and the Guests will be able to book the shares or the gifts on the list and send a greeting card.

Online wedding list for travel agencies
seo website for travel agencies and tour operators

Personalized Seo

The source code used by us for the development of the website allows a correct and effective automatic indexing, that is the presence of the website on the first pages of search engines.
To make indexing more effective, you can customize the following contents via CMS:

- METATAG TITLE and DESCRIPTION of the pages and contents (accommodation / travel)
- URL of all pages and subpages (including accommodation / travel categories and detail pages of structures / trips)
- Rich Snippet
- Goole Search Console account management (activated by us)
- Google Analytics account management (activated by us)

upgrade travel agencies website

Upgrade and assistance

The web platform is a dynamic system in evolution, we make continuous changes, improvements and new features that are installed periodically on all websites used by our customers.
In addition, changes or changes can be made at the request of the customer new functions.

We guarantee the perfect functioning of the web platform and offer a technical assistance service.
Through the assistance service you can indicate any errors found at website or malfunctions, we will resolve the problem quickly.
The web platform is subject to continuous checks and updates so that always works correctly.

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